All there is, is energy.


“When you remember who you are, you can heal; you will actually begin to heal yourself. As long as you don’t remember, you let others treat you.”

Lillian Fellmann –  From: BECOMING HUMAN, collected wisdoms, 2017

The human being is vibration. Our frequency is who we are.

Pain and stress result from density in the body. Low vibration. Pain is information that needs to be listened to in order to be cleared or released. In other words, healed.

More than 80% of our emotions and pains result from experiences and patterns formed over hundreds or thousands of lives on earth. It is time to release now what no longer serves us.

The work I do, accesses information stored in all our bodies, physical (cells), emotional, mental and etheric. Deep relaxation is the prerequisite for the magic to happen.

Please read more about AscensionCranio here.


All images used on this website are cited from the internet and will be replaced in due time with my own photographs. I am truly grateful to everyone who lets me use their magnificent material for a brief moment.


5 thoughts on “All there is, is energy.

  1. Hi Lilly,

    I come to Scotland the first week of August is it possible that we meet up.
    Please Let me know so I can book my flight( maybe a little bit longer)

    Love karen


    1. Hi Catherine

      The talk will be at Ashfield village hall, it includes a lengthy questions and answers part and a guided meditation.
      Suggested donation is £10.

      See the Events link on my website.

      Thank you, I hope to see you soon,


      1. Hi Catherine, the next talk in the series takes place this Friday. It is on the aspect of who sounds and vibration in our words and thoughts help us to heal. We will discuss the fact that we create when we speak, and who we can create health in the world and in us. Donations are welcome, anything from 5 pounds on is fine. Hope to see you,


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