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What does it entail?

AscensionCranio is subtle, non-invasive healing work, suitable for all ages and conditions, including babies and the frail. It uses highly developed intuition to read information in the bodies and the soul to release pain in the physical.

At the heart of the practice is the practitioners ability to hold a sacred state of mantra or prayer to tune into the needs of the client and to be able to call in all the energy support she can from the universe.

Why from the universe? Well, we are universal beings, spirit who chose the earth as a learning field to excel our evolution. Clearly, we are connected with energies and beings throughout the universe, not just this planet. And it is as clear, that healing does not take place in a hermetically closed off field, you body.

Healing is the decision to clear out the old, and to call in higher energies and deeper understanding. And it takes your souls universal wisdom and connectedness to do so. This is what you are. Ascension Cranio does not create that for you,  it merely takes advantage of it.

I’d like to point out 5 aspects to describe it:

  • AscensionCranio acknowledges the fact that we create our bodies through our thoughts and emotions, and that we can raise the vibration in our bodies at will to self-heal;
  • AscensionCranio does not focus on a specific illness or dysfunction but restores the all-over balance to support self-healing;
  • AscensionCranio acknowledges that we are multi-dimensional beings who can reach into all of time to release harm, receive and send healing;
  • AscensionCranio acknowledges the four-body system, and the 12 chakras – or more.
  • AscensionCranio works on the cell level.

The journey out of pain is as individual as the journey into pain. Fully restored health can emerge in a few minutes or over a life time depending on the soul mission of the individual, and the light she or he carries, or chooses to absorb and send.  The client learns to take conscious choices for her/his highest good, and the highest good of all.

AscensionCranio offers

  • deep relaxation down to the cell level as the primary condition for all healing;
  • physical, emotional and mental rebalancing, working with all 4 higher bodies;
  • to raise your Light Quotient, the amount of light you hold in your physical, emotional, mental and light body, to support cell cleansing and the release of low vibration (blockages, pain);
  • to increase physical mobility and motility, clear out chronic illnesses, back pain, knee pain, sinusitis, migraines, as well as post-accident and post-operative trauma in the body
  • before, during and after pregnancy to the release of unconscious low information in the cell memory of the mother’s or father’s body that can complicate a more enjoyable pregnancy or birth experience;
  • clarity about mental patterns that lead to density of energy, which we call dis-ease, this includes fatigue, depression, the feeling of being stuck, dysfunctions, as well as making harmful choices, and the release of those mental patterns;
  • conscious and unconscious cell-memory release (SER) for trauma release, and deeply held information in the cells and organs;
  • breathing exercises and meditation on the ascended 12-chakras for energetic re-connection with the earth and our higher aspects.

How is it applied?

A session usually lasts about 45 to 60 min., or 90 minutes, or more, if needed.
The client lies fully dressed on the massage bed.
During the session, some verbal exchange might take place, or the work is done in stillness.
Before and after the session a verbal exchange is offered.

Preventive and complementary 

Craniosacral work, in general, is increasingly used as a preventive health measure for its ability to bolster resistance to dis-ease, and support our immune system. It is a perfect complement to talking therapies, and is acknowledged as part of comprehensive tumour treatments.

AscensionCranio is highly recommended within palliative care to safely guide the dying human being back into his or her reality as an universal and eternal being. The higher perspective of AscensionCranio can greatly help to orient a person during the process of letting go of the body and this life-time on earth.

Working with Babies

Most souls that are from now on incarnating come in at a very fast frequency. That means they are fully conscious of their soul mission and powerful nature as a human being. They are pure love.

These babies or children know they come here to do work for us all. Clearly, many of them will have a hard time within the first months or years in this much denser energy on earth. Some of them might choose to take on low and harmful vibrations from their parental lines, or the world in general, to clear and cleanse it out – they might be diagnosed with dysfunctions or illnesses. Energetic release or rebalancing might be highly beneficial for these babies.

In general, evidence suggests that it is worth considering taking your baby or child to be checked over by a cranio therapist in order to give them a good start in life, and to release energetic and karmic agreements. This could help prevent many subsequent physical effects in childhood and adulthood, showing as ear problems, developmental problems, headaches, neck pain and spinal disorders, as well as some forms of autism and depression.

Also, it is good to know that it is never too late for change and release of lower vibration in the body to let in higher frequency light. AscensionCranio can help children and human beings of any age.